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  Charter a private jet from or to Romania

  •  Arad
  •  Bacau
  •  Baia-Mare, Tautii Magheraus
  •  Bucharest, Baneasa
  •  Bucharest, Otopeni
  •  Caransebes
  •  Cluj-Napoca, Someseni
  •  Constanta, Mihail Kogalniceanu
  •  Craiova
  •  Iasi
  •  Oradea
  •  Satu Mare
  •  Sibiu
  •  Suceava, Salcea
  •  Targu Mures, Vidrasau
  •  Timisoara, Giarmata
  •  Tulcea, Cataloi
  • @bookajet

    - 64 days ago

    BookaJet launches a private jet charter desk at London’s prestigious Bupa Cromwell Hospital in Kensington…
    h J R

    - 64 days ago

    RT @BupaCromHosp: We are delighted to be partnering with @bookajet to provide our patients with exclusive access to a private jet #partner…
    h J R

    - 64 days ago

    RT @BupaCromHosp: The Turkish British Magazine aims to promote this dynamic community and to build an economic bridge between Turkey and th…
    h J R

    - 64 days ago

    RT @BupaCromHosp: Honoured that our partnership with @bookajet and @TheAthenaeum made it in to The Turkish British Magazine. We are always…
    h J R

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