Travelling on a luxury private jet, clients start their holidays from the moment they leave the house. Door-to-door transfers, bespoke catering,
lavish on-board amenities and fast, easy access to VIP airports all over the world make the journey as satisfying as the destination.

For those travellers seeking cultural enrichment, we can transport clients directly to any corner of the world with an itinerary entirely tailored to their needs.
Be it an art exhibition, museum tour, ancient structure or city excursion, culture seekers are promised bespoke luxury journeys and attentive service aboard
the finest jets in the world, excluding all obstacles and delays associated with commercial flying.

Clients venturing on holiday with friends or loved ones choose Bookajet’s private charter service to enhance their experience. Our innovative approach,
unrivalled customer service and prevalent positioning in the charter market allow us to deliver specialised luxury journeys aboard the world’s finest jets,
transporting clients to idyllic coves, sprawling cities, remote islands and culturally rich destinations very easily.

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