In partnership with Carbon Footprint, Bookajet offers each of its clients an opportunity to offset the CO2 used and make all their flights carbon neutral.

What is Carbon Offsetting?
Carbon offsetting is a way to reduce the emissions that you can’t. It both helps to combat global climate change as well as caring for local communities. By calculating your carbon footprint for each flight, your funding can help to offset or neutralise the amount of CO2 used by being invested in emission saving projects elsewhere.

How much CO2 is produced with each flight?
Each time you fly, you contribute to global warming by releasing CO2 and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. We can calculate the total CO2 emitted (based on litres of fuel burned and size of aircraft), and in partnership with Carbon Footprint, determine the cost of offsetting the tonnes of CO2 produced.

What does it cost?
It’s a lot cheaper than you might think. All flights can be carbon neutral for no more than a few hundred £££s and many of the carbon offsetting projects offered by Carbon Footprint also provide wider benefits in addition to carbon reduction, such as biodiversity, education, jobs, food security and heath & well-being in developing countries.Your money will be used to fund projects that absorb, reduce or avoid an equivalent amount of greenhouse gases elsewhere. This is called an ‘offset’.

Can I choose which projects receive the funding?
Yes. Carbon Footprint has a wide range of programmes (eg. wind farms, hydroelectric production, tree planting etc), in the UK and overseas, and you can determine which will receive your contribution.

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