The world’s most advanced comfortable luxury very light jet

The UK’s first of its aircraft type is available for charter from Bookajet.

Popular due to its performance and comfort with a spacious cabin for up to 5 passengers. The Hondajet is the perfect entry level aircraft for UK and European travel and very sought-after for charter. Experience a level of luxury and comfort like no other very light jet.

The Hondajet indeed stands out in the very light-size aircraft class, setting new standards and becoming a favourite among private jet flyers. It’s blend of power, efficiency, and advanced in-flight technology makes it a sought-after choice.

The HondaJet boasts impressive performance levels and an excellent range, catering to the needs who value both convenience and cutting edge features during their travels. With engines mounted on top of the wing instead of the rear fuselage. This reduces vibration and engine noise, making a smoother and quieter ride, as well as increased speed.

Featuring a fully inclusive lavatory and dual executive tables to enhance the overall comfort and convenience for passengers. With an abundant of luggage space, with the ability to hold 9 full-sized suitcases or four sets of golf clubs – the largest capacity in class. Additionally,  with the option of the serving of cold catering and refreshments with every charter.

Bookajet works in collaboration with Rheinland Air Service GmbH.

Stats about the Hondajet

Speed & Range

  • Speed – 422 kn (486 mph)
  • Range 1223nm/ Max 1437nm
  • Flight hours – 1 person 3 hours flight time


  • Cabin length – 17.80 ft
  • Cabin height – 4.83 ft (1.47m)
  • Cabin Width – 5.00 ft (1.52m)
  • Baggage capacity – 66 cu ft

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