A private jet charter flight with Bookajet holds numerous benefits for clients attending film and music festivals, fashion shows, award ceremonies and other events.
We transport VIP attendees and their entourages to the airports closest to the venues, without hassle or delay and the conventional obstacles of commercial flying –
ensuring they are furnished with everything they need when they arrive on the red carpet.

Bookajet’s tailored private charter service eliminates the usual hassles of commercial travel. DJs, bands, vocalists and instrumentalists
can leave at 5am after a gig and sleep on the way to the next one, confident their every need has been catered for.

Clients attending gigs, concerts and festivals with friends or family can also benefit from our charter service. We provide them with a safe, fast and direct mode of
travel aboard the finest jets in the world, complete with lavish and bespoke amenities and access to local airports and VIP terminals unavailable to the general public.

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